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MerSETA (17-QA/ACC/0030/06)

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A Member of the National Small Business Chamber

TETA (TETA 08-175)


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Best Training Provider (overall) 2015 (SABPP)

Award: National Small Business Champion 2015

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“With one of our strategic initiatives to be a learning organisation, we are well on our way to realising this objective with the aid of CPT.
CPT does not teach the individual what to think, but rather how to think thus enabling self management on operator level, which brings a greater sense of responsibility and desire to take business forward.”
Deon Adams

Ford Motor Company

“I would like to say that the CPT team have been exemplary in being dedicated and committed to helping and serving and training to the best of their ability. They have trained some of our employees, which have benefitted both the company and the employee. These employees reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the training, the training was practical and useful, and that they have been able to implement the training in their current job situation. Mr Andy Greenwood has been a great help with the mandatory grants whole process, enabling Apex to get it all sorted out and submitted in time.”
Winnie Bremmer

Apex Leads

“We express our appreciation for the excellent service we receive from CPT. The quality of your lecturers, administration and dedication to the learners is superior. We thank you for your hard work and professionalism and enjoy working with you.”
Lee Ann Morgan

HR Manager, Bidvest Afcom

"Production learnerships are the seeds of knowledge that, when nurtured with dedication and determination, can blossom into a bountiful harvest of expertise, shaping the future of industries with skilled hands and innovative minds."

Chris Greenwood, Managing Director

"Skills programs are the compass guiding individuals toward their full potential, helping them chart a course through the seas of opportunity and arrive at the shores of success."

Chris Greenwood, Managing Director

"Automotive sales learnerships are the ignition key to unlock the road to expertise in the dynamic world of car sales, where passion and knowledge drive every deal towards the destination of customer satisfaction."

Chris Greenwood, Managing Director