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Are you ready to shift your staff’s career into high gear and improve workflow? The Future of Automotive Industry demands a unique blend of technical expertise and exceptional customer service. The FETC Automotive Sales and Support Services Learnership is your passport to becoming a driving force in this dynamic and rewarding field.

The automotive components sector falls within the ambit of south africa’s large motor industry. there are huge motor assembly plants in several parts of the country, primarily in the eastern cape, gauteng and kwazulu natal provinces. it’s a sector that employs a large number of people. the automotive components sector covers two broad areas, namely, manufacturing and assembly. it is also a sector that comprises of a range of diverse but related industries and is characterised by sophisticated technological processes. companies and/or industries within this sector operate in a global competitive and challenging environment. the products produced have to respond to a wide variety of customer requirements and safety, health, environmental, quality and risk management issues.

Whether your staff are new to the automotive scene or you are seeking to elevate their existing career, the FETC Automotive Sales and Support Services Learnership is your accelerator to success. Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of automotive innovation while providing exceptional customer experiences. Enroll now and steer your staff’s career toward an exciting future in the automotive industry!

FETC: Automotive Sales and Support Services NQF4

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FETC: Automotive Sales and Support Services

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Purpose of the Qualification

The purpose of this qualification is to provide learners, education and training providers and employers with the standards and the range of learning required to work effectively in various sub-sectors of the industry as automotive salespersons. The primary skill that is recognized in this qualification is the ability to apply the fundamental competencies of automotive sales with reference to recognizing and responding to prospective clients of the organisation within identified functional areas of sales.

This qualification focuses on developing the skills and knowledge necessary to perform as a competent person in the automotive sales industry. It also provides learners who have gained relevant experience in the workplace with an opportunity to obtain credits through an RPL process.

This qualification substantiates the natural progression of a journeyman into the sales industry. There is little articulation sideways with the exception of “Service Advisor” at the same level or graduating vertically into a management related qualification.

A person acquiring this qualification will have the skills, knowledge and experience to:

    • Plan quarterly sales.
    • Perform vehicle sales.
    • Ensure client satisfaction.